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          Leica T Mirrorless Digital Camera

          Leica T (Typ 701) Silver
          Disponibilità: disponibile

          The new Leica T offers a minimalist design that's crafted from a single block of aluminum. Made in Germany and assembled by hand, this 16.3 effective mega pixel camera is easy to use. With a massive 3.7 TFT LCD intuitive touch screen control, the user is able to configure and save their own menu system. The Leica T has outstanding image quality and also has 16GB of built in memory. This is Leica's first system camera to use Wi-Fi. Add the T-App to your portable iOS device and be able to transfer and share your images (free download from the Apple App Store)

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          A partire dal: John | Data: 2018-11-05 19:55
          Some sample review
          This sample review is for the Leica T Mirrorless Digital Camera. I've been waiting for this product to be available. It is priced just right.
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